Date Lab: He has a rapper's looks, but will he be GQ enough for her?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

7:30 p.m., Busboys and Poets, U Street/Cardozo

Brandi: I got to [the restaurant] about 10 minutes early. When I stopped looking at the door, that's when Kane came in. He reminded me of [rapper and music producer] Pharrell Williams. He's short like Pharrell, has the same complexion and the same bone structure. Kane's not as hot, but he is attractive.

Kane: I have a weakness for locks, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her. Her eyes, her smile: She was very attractive all the way around. I got nervous, and I haven't been nervous on a date in a long time. I wanted her to like me.

Brandi: He was very polite. Looking at him -- and not to stereotype -- but he looks so young. He seems like he would have been a nerd in high school. He's smart and cool and funny. I like that he's bookish and that he also likes to go out and party.

Kane: I think there was some mutual attraction. She said she really liked hanging out at Busboys and Poets and going to open-mike poetry shows. That's the type of places and events I'm into. We were talking, and the waitress kept asking us, "You guys doing fine?" so I ordered the quesadilla just to get it started.

Brandi: I didn't like that at all. Instead of asking if I was ready or what I wanted so maybe we could share, he just ordered. I think it's very important to have etiquette. But I think he was just oblivious.

Kane: I talk a lot when I'm nervous. On some things we disagreed, but we were still cool. I liked that she had opinions instead of nodding or saying, "I don't know." We disagreed on gay marriage. I have a best friend who's about to get married and wants to have children.

Brandi: I'm very conservative. So when he said he would give his sperm to his lesbian friend, I was like, huh, that's weird. But I internalized it as him being a very caring person. Then I asked him if he'd been married, and he said yes. That was a complete shocker. He was like, "I'm divorced." I cracked up.

Kane: She said it was funny to meet somebody my age who was already divorced. I guess I agreed with her, so I wasn't offended. My ex-wife and me just made a mistake in getting married. There's no animosity.

Brandi: We talked about fashion. I was giving him some hints because I really didn't like his outfit. I don't know what he thought! Probably that I was the most stuck-up girl on Earth.

Kane: I'm just not into fashion. I'm very utilitarian. She suggested that I get GQ magazine. She gave me homework!

Brandi: It's like 10:30. I'm yawning. He asked if I was okay, and I said I was just really tired. Then he says, "I'd like to see you again," and I say, "That's fine."

Kane: When we left, I joked she was ruining my grand gesture of walking her to her car because she was parked right behind me. I gave her a hug and we both drove off. We stopped at the same light, and I saw her dancing to music in her car and laughed at her. I'm going to give [the date] a 4 [out of 5]. It was a great date, and I've been on a lot of blind dates. We pretty much clicked.

Brandi: I give the date a 3.5. It wasn't love at first sight. But the foundation of a good relationship is a good friendship, and he seems like he'd be a good friend. So maybe something could develop.

Interviews by Stephen Lowman

UPDATE: Kane called several times, but nothing developed. "It's over," Brandi says. "I am not interested in him romantically."

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