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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday's editorial pages are presumably the most-read of the week. They should represent the most critical and varied thinking of the week and set the standard for editorial pages. Help me understand the thinking behind the selection of the March 15 writers:

Eleven white guys, one white woman. At least six are more than 60 years old. Four are elected Republicans, but none are elected Democrats, even though the Senate, the House and the White House plus a majority of the governorships are controlled by Democrats. I do not remember Democrats being overrepresented on your pages during their "wilderness years." Quite the opposite.

The letters chosen for publication show the same lack of diversity: six letters by five men and one woman.

I do not possess the ability to express my anger and disappointment in words. March 15 was not an aberration. We know newspapers are suffering, and at 43 I am of the generation you need to keep. My parents read the papers every day, and I would like my son to do the same. But I won't let him read yours. It is too narrow.

-- Lauren Maccarillo Myrick

Falls Church

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