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An Especially Special Diplomatic Corps

"Okay, turn off the lights," Rosen interjected.

"Let me finish," Wood said. "What I was saying is it doesn't matter to him what I say from this podium."

Okay, so everyone's still got to pay attention?


The White House, trying to reduce the inevitable criticism about wasting too much of that $800 billion in stimulus money, is tapping former OMB deputy director for management Edward DeSeve to be special adviser to the president, assistant to the vice president and special adviser to the OMB director for implementation of the Recovery Act.

DeSeve, who has also been OMB controller, was a key player in dealing with the Y2K computer problem at the turn of the new millennium. (Turned out not to be much of a problem.) DeSeve will do inside oversight while Earl Devaney heads the independent Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

Vice President Biden has tapped Jon Brook Wolfsthal, formerly at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and more recently a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, to be his special adviser for nonproliferation.


Meanwhile, our former colleague Rick Weiss, most recently at the Center for American Progress, is said to be moving to the White House to be the director of communications and senior policy strategist for the Office of Science and Technology. He's already learning how to spin. He declined to confirm or deny the move. "How am I gonna deal with you media people?!?!" he wrote in an e-mail.

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