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A Canada goose guards his mate's body at a pond in Springfield.
A Canada goose guards his mate's body at a pond in Springfield. (Courtesy Of Tom Norato)
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Senseless Violence in Springfield

There is a pond near a bike path between the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station and the Greenwood Community in Springfield. Each year, Canada geese arrive at the pond in the fall to nest and raise their families.

Recently, some young neighborhood boys have found a new hobby: They have been stoning the geese to death. Above is a photo of their latest prize and his mate, standing over the body. The goose has been standing vigil for many days now, waiting for her to join him. They mate for life, you know.

He wards off all other geese that come near, as if he were protecting her in a nest. Her final repose does give that illusion. I am beginning to worry that he may himself expire for lack of nourishment, and I had thought of removing the body in the hopes that he might move on. But then I thought I'd just be making things worse. I have a tendency to think that his reactions are instinct and just nature's way.

But nature didn't cause this.

Perhaps the boys who did this will see this picture and reflect on what they have done. Perhaps not.

-- Tom Norato, Springfield

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