The MisFits

Help Choose a New MisFit

By Vicky Hallett
Tuesday, March 31, 2009; 12:00 AM

When Howard, my co-columnist, decided to leave fitness writing to be a foreign correspondent, he suggested we choose his replacement with a "Gong Show"-style contest. We've opted for more of an "American Idol" affair:

Our 10 brave contestants have summed up why they believe they embody the MisFits ideal. The editors and I have some thoughts, and we want to hear your opinions, too. You have two jobs: Vote for your favorite in our poll at and offer feedback in the comments section of this article. A lucky few contenders will be back in the next few weeks to write tryout columns, all in the hopes of alternating with me in this space and participating in hikes and challenges with you fabulous readers. Now that's a jackpot, huh?

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