Poet's Choice: Deal or No Deal by Nikki Giovanni

By Nikki Giovanni
Sunday, April 5, 2009

My new collection of poetry, "Bicycles," is a book about love mostly, but also loss. Bicycles are about trust and balance, though we do fall sometimes. Falling in love can be great fun. Falling off bicycles can hurt. I said to my class that I wanted to go on "Deal or No Deal" since I have figured out what you need to do to be successful. They all said, "NO! You will embarrass yourself." My responjse was, "If the only time I am embarrassed is by this television show, I have led a charmed life!"

Ecstasy is about risk. Deal!

Deal or No Deal (for ENGL 4714 CRN 16937)

My class is not sure

That I should apply to

Deal or No Deal


They think I am lucky

After all

I am teaching



They know I am smart they are

For example




They don't want to see me

Make those greedy mistakes

And push beyond

The envelope


The banker is neither friend

Nor foe

He's a machineTo think you can beat him

Is to think you will win

At Vegas or love


But I persist


My dream is a red dress

Above my knees

High-heel red sandals

And me coming over the top

The music booming

Hi Howie I will say

With a lovely smile


I don't want to play the game

I want to be it


They were born forty years after me

Yet I am younger


I know you cannot go

Through life

Unless you are willing

For love or money

To make a fool

Of yourself


Where else does the ecstasy


"Deal or No Deal" is from "Bicycles" (Morrow, 2009).

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