Status Card

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A look at major legislation Congress approved during its first 75 days in session and what is left on the agenda:

Second half of financial rescue plan:

$350 billion

Expansion of State Children's Health Insurance Program:

$33 billion

Economic stimulus package:

$787 billion

Omnibus spending bill for the federal government:

$410 billion

2010 budget resolution

Must reconcile House and Senate versions.

Health-care reform

House and Senate hope to pass legislation by August and start final negotiations in the fall.

Energy/climate change

House Energy and Commerce Committee introduced bill to create carbon-trading system, but Ways and Means panel prefers measure that would tax carbon emissions. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is months away from considering legislation.


Must reauthorize No Child Left Behind law. In addition, the White House has proposed eliminating the private lending program for higher education.

Financial regulatory system

House Financial Services Committee is moving quickly to create "systemic risk" regulator to oversee unregulated derivatives markets, among other changes, while Senate banking committee is putting together a comprehensive bill.

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