The Great Lake Swimmers (from left, Eric Avery, Tony Dekker and Colin Huebert) play at the Black Cat on Tuesday.
The Great Lake Swimmers (from left, Eric Avery, Tony Dekker and Colin Huebert) play at the Black Cat on Tuesday. (By Adrian Fish)
Friday, April 10, 2009


Prices listed where available.


The District

BLACK CAT "Depeche Mode Dance Party" with DJ Steve EP, Krasty McNasty, Killa K, Friday, $10; Cloud Cult, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Ice Palace, Saturday, $13; "Right Round" with DJ lil'e, Saturday, $6; the Wooden Birds, LYMBYC SYSTYM, Sunday, $10; Ribbons, the Surge, Monday, $8; Great Lake Swimmers, Kate Maki, Tuesday, $10; the Woggles, the Hall Monitors, Wednesday, $10; Stereo Total, Karmella's Game, Thursday, $12. 1811 14th St. NW. 202-667-7960 or

CHIEF IKE'S MAMBO ROOM Freezepop, Thursday. 1725 Columbia Rd. NW. 202-332-2211 or $12 in advance, $15 at the door.

DC9 Liberation Dance Party, Friday, $6; the Subjects, the Positions, Saturday, $8; French Kicks, Greenland, Monday, $12; the Appleseed Cast, An Horse, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, Tuesday, $12; Ladytron (DJ Set), Depressed Buttons, Figo, Tuesday, $10; Floating Action, Donny Hue, Wednesday, $8; Della Valle, Conshafter, the Grilled Lincolns, Thursday, $10. 1940 Ninth St. NW. 202-483-5000 or

RIOT ACT Jimmy Jackson Quartet, Friday-Saturday. 1610 14th St. NW. 202-625-6229. $12.

IRELAND'S FOUR FIELDS Kevin James, Friday-Saturday. 3412 Connecticut Ave. NW. 202-244-0860.

IRISH TIMES Pete Papageorge, Thursday. 14 F St. NW. 202-543-5433.

MADAM'S ORGAN Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers, Friday-Saturday; Hugh Feeley, Sunday; One Nite Stand, Monday; Lucky Dog, Tuesday; Bob Perilla's Big Hillbilly Bluegrass Band, Wednesday; Patrick Alban and Noche Latina, Thursday. 2461 18th St. NW. 202-667-5370.

9:30 CLUB Bajofondo, Natalia Clavier, Saturday, $25; "Blowoff" with DJ Bob Mould and DJ Richard Morel, Saturday, $12; Ladytron, the Faint, Crocodiles, Figo DJ's, Tuesday, $25; Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, Wednesday, $35. 815 V St. NW. 202-265-0930 or

THE RED AND THE BLACK John Bustine, Spirit Family Reunion, Monday; Mistaken for Strangers, Only Living Boy, the Boy Bathing, Tuesday; Play With Me, the O's, Wednesday; Jounce, Former Champions, Infinity Split, Thursday. 1212 H St. NE. 202-399-3201 or $6.

ROCK & ROLL HOTEL Maria Taylor, the Whispertown 2000, Laura Burhenn, Friday, $10-$12; DJ Craze and Klever, Stereo Faith, Jerome Baker III, Saturday, $18; Misery Index, Landmine Marathon, Drugs of Faith, Salome, Tuesday, $10; the Life and Times, Medications, Deleted Scenes, Thursday, $10. 1353 H St. NE. 202-388-7625 or

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