Friday, April 10, 2009

-- An April 9 Page One article reported that a Taliban Web site,, uses the services of Free Web Town to host its Web site. Officials of Free Web Town's parent company, Tulix Systems, say Free Web Town did not host the site.

-- An April 8 Style concert review incorrectly identified an encore performed by the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela on April 6 at the Kennedy Center. The work was not a medley of Latin American tunes; it was Alberto Ginastera's "Estancia."

-- An April 6 Page One article misspelled the site of President Obama's speech in Prague. It was Hradcany Square.

-- A Feb. 26 A-section article incorrectly reported the size of New York's 20th Congressional District. The district is approximately 5,500 square miles.


-- An April 3 Metro article reported on the D.C. inspector general's criticisms of how agencies responded to Banita Jacks. D.C. Chartered Health Plan, a Medicaid insurer, did not follow up in one incident, the inspector general said. In a separate incident that The Washington Post did not include in the article, the inspector general said that the firm alerted city social workers that Jacks needed help.

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