Nuclear Talks and U.S. Security

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jackson Diehl got it wrong when he played down the importance to the United States of a new U.S.-Russian nuclear arms reduction agreement in his assessment of President Obama's trip to Europe ["Obama, Going Along to Get Along," Sunday Opinion, April 5]. Nuclear weapons are a serious liability, and U.S. security depends on revitalized nuclear arms control talks with Russia.

Not only would a new agreement reduce the threat of an accidental Russian launch, but re-engaging Russia on this critical issue would make it easier to enlist its help in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Mr. Obama's speech in Prague reflected a hard-nosed, realistic approach: U.S. leadership on reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the world is essential to achieving U.S. security.


Senior Scientist and Co-Director

Global Security Program

Union of Concerned Scientists

Cambridge, Mass.

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