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The item about the detention of Kurds in a Turkish police crackdown incorrectly described the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party as Turkey's main Kurdish party. The main Kurdish party is the Democratic Society Party.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Couple Executed For Trying to Elope

A Taliban firing squad killed a young couple in southwestern Afghanistan for trying to elope, shooting them with AK-47s in front of a crowd in a lawless, insurgent-controlled part of Nimruz province, officials said Tuesday.

A council of conservative clerics in the remote district of Khash Rod decided that the 19-year-old woman and 21-year-old man should be killed, officials said, adding that the two were shot Monday.

"Unfortunately, Khash Rod is an area that is almost out of the control of the government," Nimruz Gov. Ghulam Dastagir Azad said. "We don't have coalition or Afghan army forces there like we do in other districts."

-- Associated Press


Drug Group Found With Antiaircraft Gun

A woman was arrested guarding an arsenal that included an antiaircraft machine gun -- the first weapon of its kind seized in Mexico, police said Tuesday. The arsenal belonged to a group linked to the powerful Beltran Leyva drug cartel, they said.

Mexican drug cartels battling a crackdown by soldiers and federal police have increasingly acquired higher-powered weapons recently, leaving police -- particularly state and municipal forces -- grossly outgunned and prompting many officers to quit.

Police on a routine patrol Monday found the gun fitted atop an SUV at a house in northern Sonora state.

-- Reuters

Collision in Peru Kills 20: At least 20 bus passengers were burned alive after the vehicle collided with a gas tanker on a highway about 100 miles south of Lima. Officials said "very few" of the roughly 30 passengers escaped alive. "The vehicle was like a crematorium," a police colonel said.

France Pushes Women's Rights: France launched a campaign to warn potential victims of forced marriages and female genital mutilation, with stark posters and booklets showing a wedding ring made of barbed wire. France is home to an estimated 55,000 victims of female genital mutilation, mostly of African origin, and about 70,000 young women who are at risk of being forced to marry, officials said.

Group Says It Blew Up Israeli Boat: A previously unknown Palestinian group says it was behind an attack on an Israeli navy patrol off the Gaza Strip, al-Jazeera television reported. The group, Secret Special Units, said it used a remote-control device to set off the explosives on the boat and vowed to launch more attacks, the network said.

S. African Police Chief's Trial Postponed: The corruption trial of South Africa's police chief, Jackie Selebi, was postponed to early next month at the prosecution's request to gather more evidence. The former Interpol boss, who is on paid leave, faces two charges of corruption and one of defeating the ends of justice over his links to a suspect in the sensational slaying of a mining mogul.

Bolivia's Morales Ends Hunger Strike: President Evo Morales ended a five-day hunger strike after Bolivia's congress broke a deadlock, approving a law that lets him run for reelection in December.

Kurds Detained in Turkey: Fifty-one people, among them senior members of Turkey's main Kurdish party, the rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party, were detained in a police crackdown targeting Kurdish separatists in 12 provinces. Security forces also arrested two suspected Kurdish rebels accused of plotting bomb attacks in western Turkey.

Military Consolidates Hold in Fiji: Fiji's military tightened its grip on the troubled island nation, taking control of the central bank and defying threats of sanctions from Australia and Zealand if democracy is not restored. President Josefa Iloilo scrapped the constitution Friday.

Hungarian Appointment Draws Protests: Several hundred protesters clashed with police in Budapest hours after Gordon Bajnaia was chosen as the country's new prime minister by means of a parliamentary procedure that allows for a change of premier without general elections.

French Couple Likely Shot Over Parking Space: A 62-year-old man accused of shooting dead a young couple outside his home in northern France appears to have killed them for taking his parking space, police said.

-- From News Services

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