Approved Techniques

Friday, April 17, 2009

As approved in a May 10, 2005, Justice Department memo.

-- Dietary manipulation: Substituting liquid meal replacements for solid food.

-- Nudity: Used to cause psychological discomfort.

-- Walling: Slamming detainee into a wall.

-- Facial slap: Slapping detainee's face with fingers slightly spread.

-- Abdominal slap: Striking the abdomen with the back of an open hand.

-- Wall standing: Forcing detainee to stand with feet spread, arms outstretched, fingers resting on the wall, not permitted to move.

-- Water dousing: Cold water is poured on detainee.

-- Sleep deprivation: Detainee is deprived of sleep for more than 48 hours.

-- Waterboarding: Pouring water over face of detainee, who is lying at an angle on his back, head lowered.

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