Deals Are Just a Click Away

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Other Web sites with free things: This nonprofit organization, with a mission to help the environment by not cluttering landfills, matches people who want to give away items with people in the same city who want them. Find out which restaurants give free or discounted meals or services to people on their birthdays. If you have children, hit this site to find out where they eat for free with a paying adult. If you register and type in your Zip code, you'll get a list of all the freebies close to home. Type in "restaurant deals" and you'll find hundreds of sites offering coupons for discounts and free food. Want to travel but don't want to pay for a hotel room, especially overseas where the U.S. dollar is still weak? You can swap homes with people across the country and world. Or you can host each other as guests. Swap clothes, accessories, shoes or unused beauty products. Get free legal advice, even anonymously, from an attorney.

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