mocoNews - Buongiorno Launches Mobile Social Network; Peoplesound

James Quintana Pearce
Tuesday, April 21, 2009; 6:00 PM

Italian mobile content company Buongiorno has unveiled a mobile social network dubbed peoplesound. The distinguishing characteristic about this mobile social network is that it is limited to 20 people?rather than have hundreds of people in your network that you haven't seen since primary school it's just the 20 people who are most important to you (who have also signed up for the service). Users of the service can share status updates, pictures, comments and content with their friends, and follow up to 10 channels. The channels are currently being developed by Buongiorno (BIT: BNG) to give constant updates on music, sport, movies, news events and so on?with the content designed to be shared amongst the 20 people on the network.

Buongiorno describes this as a coming-out-of-beta and rebranding of Blinko, the name given the network whilst in beta. The beta phase apparently had more than 300,000 users and Buongiorno used their feedback to develop the network. One mobile specific aspect is that can also be reached through People can send free SMS to the 20 people in their list (assuming that the data used by the network is cheaper than the cost of an SMS). The service is free and Buongiorno doesn't detail how it plans to generate revenue through the service, but does mention "exciting monetisation opportunities" created by the channels?so expect either premium content sales or advertising to play a part there. Since people select only 10 channels to follow they must be pretty interested in what the channel offers, which increases the value to advertisers.Release PDF|Product Sheet PDF


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