Psyched Out

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Psyched Out

In the April 15 profile of State Department negotiator Todd Stern ["Top Emissions Negotiator an Expert on Political Climate, Too," Style], what possessed The Post to write that "he doesn't appear consumed with the kind of sibling rivalry that dominates the psyche of say, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel or Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orzag"?

I hardly think that those judgments of Emanuel and Orszag -- whose name you misspelled -- are widely known and accepted as facts that can be mentioned in passing with absolutely no support. It seems to me that such drive-by character assassination warrants an apology.

-- Perry Beider

Silver Spring

Clean Your Op-Ed House

"Demon Denim," George F. Will's impossibly boring and useless April 16 op-ed column regarding jeans, leads me to a suggestion that could save The Post a lot of money. Why don't you cut loose all of these longtime columnists -- Will, Richard Cohen, David S. Broder, et al.? They have all gotten stale and their opinions predictable and seldom worth reading. The Post needs some new people with new ideas and a different perspective.

-- Ned Foster


Unfit for Children

The comic strip "Agnes," newly relocated from the comics pages, appeared at the bottom of the April 21 KidsPost page. It showed a girl saying, "I used to [listen to my intuition], but all it ever did was whine about the weather and complain that my socks made my ankles sweaty and itchy. Why should I listen to that?"

Another character replies, "You're right. You should beat your intuition to death."

What kind of message does that send to young readers of KidsPost? You don't like something or someone, so you "should beat it to death."

What were your editors thinking?

-- Katherine C. Rigler


'Tiny' Was Only Alliterative

Two of your stories about the deaths of a family of five in a murder-suicide have referred to the site, Middletown, Md., as a "tiny town in northwest Maryland."

Middletown and its surroundings, with a population of 4,000, are not tiny but a growing bedroom community surrounding an old town center. It is in central Maryland, not northwest Maryland. It is closer to Leesburg than to Gettysburg, and closer to the Chesapeake Bay than to Deep Creek Lake.

-- Geoffrey Brown


Selective Judgment of Art

While local artists go unreviewed, The Post saw fit to devote space and resources to writing about the Peeps diorama contest ["People Are Peeple," Style, April 12] and a project by Texas pupils to submit drawings that make AIG employees feel good ["The ABCs of Compassion," Style, April 13].

There is a rich artistic culture in this city, but local artists and galleries don't seem to get much coverage. That you would devote so much space to those frivolous articles was shameful.

-- Lucy Blankstein


Hardly Comparable

Letter writer Suzannah Evans should be ashamed of herself [Free for All, April 18]. Comparing brave, highly trained military sharpshooters to the "Beltway snipers" was appalling.

The first deserve our respect and gratitude for their service to our country. The latter were cowardly murderers. The Post deserves to be chastised for printing such an insult.

-- Sharon Scheiner

North Potomac

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