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McCartney: Nice
McCartney: Nice "Body." (By Frederick M. Brown -- Getty Images)
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A weekly playlist for the listener with a one-track mind.

Major Lazer: "Lazer Boom 1"

Famed "Paper Planes" producers Diplo and Switch have joined forces as Major Lazer for the upcoming disc "Guns Don't Kill People -- Lazers Do." If this sneak preview sampler track is any indicator, expect lots of crying babies, space-age sound effects, martial drums and super mellow island electro-dub.

Jesse McCartney featuring T-Pain: "Body Language" (remix)

This superbly entertaining, brain-cell-meltingly inane club banger is the former boy band star's latest bid for Timberlake-ian R&B stardom. We're not sure what T-Pain's excuse is.

Charles Hamilton: "Barbara Walters"

Hamilton's incredibly distressing, hyper-confessional official debut single is emo rap defined. In a good way.

The Breeders featuring Mark Lanegan: "The Last Time"

It's a double helping of whiskey-soaked, weapons-grade sad when mope king Lanegan and the usually-less-suicidal-sounding Breeders team for a track from the band's new, self-released EP.

Hall & Oates: "I Can't Go for That" (Streetlab Mix)

Between this and the seriously good Hov & Oates mash-up floating around the Internet, Hall and Oates are having a well-deserved Hipster Moment. Here, New York remixers Streetlab turn the duo's benign '80s junior high dance staple into a distorted, unexpectedly sinister club track.

-- Allison Stewart

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