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Saturday, May 2, 2009 12:00 AM

Pet Hair Goes to the Mat

Dear Heloise: I subscribe to The (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union. In a recent column, a writer asked what to put on truck seats to keep pet hair from sticking. I lay a BATHMAT RUNNER -- the type with rubber backing -- across the back seat. It doesn't slip like a sheet or blanket, and is not slick like some seat covers, so it's easy for my dog to move around on. And when I have people riding in the back seat, I can just lift it off and roll it up. -- Jane V., Jacksonville, Fla.

Rubber mats or rubber shelf lining has lots of good uses. Here is another use from Pat Rodgers of Pennsylvania. She says: "Like many pets, mine resists being put in his carrier for trips to the vet and groomer. This is complicated, because the carrier slips and slides on the tabletop (I can't get down on the floor), so it was one hand on the carrier and the other on him. Yesterday, as I put the carrier on the countertop, I noticed one of those flat rubber grips for opening jars lying there, and I quickly found two more and put them under the feet of the carrier. No sliding! I have two hands to persuade him to get in, and it worked beautifully."

-- Heloise


Dear Readers: The Elmore family of Kirksville, Mo., sent a photo of their cockalier, Annie Goolihy, sitting inside a suitcase that was being packed. Mrs. Elmore says: "I was packing for a trip (she knows what the suitcase means!), and as I left the room, I turned around and found her in the suitcase. I felt like she was telling me, 'Don't forget me!"'

To see Annie in the suitcase, visit www.Heloise.com. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: As you know, cats can be very hard to give any kind of pill to. My cat's pill would not fit into a pill shooter. Then, my daughter-in-law told me about compounding. I checked with my vet, who now calls in the prescription to a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacy, in turn, creates a liquid form of the pill, and even gave me the option of a fish or chicken flavor. With the slim syringe, it is so much easier to give my cat this medicine. It's definitely worth a call to your vet to see if this option is available. -- Susan, Princeton, W.Va.


Dear Heloise: I found that pop-up travel hampers are great for a pet travel bed. I put a cushion, blanket or towel inside, along with a favorite toy or two. When we get to where we are going, my little Chihuahua loves her bed and happily jumps right in.

It's also handy because it is collapsible, lightweight and stores easily. They come in different sizes, too, so if you have a medium-size dog, you should still be able to find a hamper that works. -- Mary, Laredo, Texas

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