A Guide to Saturday's Embassy Open House

Friday, May 1, 2009

One of the wonderful things about Washington is that it is full of embassies. On Saturday, more than 25 of them will open their doors to the public for a day of festivities as part of Passport DC Open House. You can visit embassies by neighborhood or just choose your favorite; either way, this is your chance to get into another country and have a look around for free. All open houses are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

For more information, call 202-661-7581 or visit http://www.culturaltourismdc.org.

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EMBASSY OF AUSTRALIA 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo and learn about travel and work opportunities. 1601 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-797-3000 or http://www.usa.embassy.gov.au.

EMBASSY OF THE BAHAMAS Learn what makes the commonwealth a leading tourist destination. 2220 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-319-2660.

EMBASSY OF BAHRAIN Sample Bahraini food and learn about the kingdom's history and culture. 3502 International Dr. NW. 202-342-1111 or http://www.bahrainembassy.org.

EMBASSY OF BANGLADESH Learn about the South Asian country through its dance, film, music, literature and cuisine. 3510 International Dr. NW. 202-244-0183 or http://www.bangladoot.org.

EMBASSY OF BENIN Learn how to prepare local dishes, and discover the country through film, traditional music and folk dancing. 2124 Kalorama Rd. NW. 202-232-6656 or http://www.beninembassy.us.

EMBASSY OF BOTSWANA Check out an exhibit on baskets, arts and jewelry made by the people of Botswana. There will also be traditional African music. 1531-1533 New Hampshire Ave. NW. http://www.botswanaembassy.org.

EMBASSY OF COLOMBIA 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Tour the Colombian ambassador's home and see collections of Colombian art and flowers. 1520 20th St. NW. 202-387-8338 or http://www.colombiaemb.org.

EMBASSIES OF COSTA RICA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, GUATEMALA AND HONDURAS Taste regional coffee, learn about visiting the countries, listen to music and watch dances. There will also be activities for children. Art Museum of the Americas, 201 18th St. NW. 202-458-6016.

EMBASSY OF ETHIOPIA View an exhibit about 80 of the country's ethnicities, then take a guided tour. 3506 International Dr. NW. 202-364-1200 or http://www.ethiopianembassy.org.

EMBASSY OF GHANA Taste traditional foods, listen to music by ace percussionist Okyerema Asante and hear a discussion of folklore. Children can learn how to stamp fabrics. 3512 International Dr. NW. 202-686-4520 or http://www.ghanaembassy.org.

EMBASSY OF HAITI View an art exhibit and talk to the artists (11 a.m. and 2 p.m.). There will also be Haitian music and food. 2311 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-332-4090 or http://www.haiti.org.

EMBASSY OF INDONESIA Tour the building and view cultural artifacts and a short film. 2020 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-775-5200 or http://www.embassyofindonesia.org.

EMBASSY OF IRAQ Experience Iraq through traditional film, music, dance and cuisine. 3421 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-742-1600 or http://www.iraqiembassy.us.

JAPAN INFORMATION AND CULTURE CENTER, EMBASSY OF JAPAN View the center's exhibit of netsuke carvings, try origami and learn how to write your name in Japanese. There will also be lectures, films and a tea ceremony. 1155 21st St. NW. 202-238-6949 or http://www.us.emb-japan.go.jp/jicc/index.htm.

EMBASSY OF KOREA Learn about Korea through taekwondo demonstrations, mask dances, candy, arts and crafts, and short films. 2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-939-5663 or http://www.dynamic-korea.com.

EMBASSY OF KYRGYZSTAN Learn about the history of the Central Asian republic through arts, handicraft and traditional music. 2360 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-449-9822 or http://www.kgembassy.org.

EMBASSY OF LIBERIA Learn about Liberia by sampling its food, music, and arts and crafts. 5201 16th St. NW. 202-723-0437 or http://www.liberianembassyus.org.

EMBASSY OF MALAYSIA See an exhibit about art, culture and tourist attractions. 3516 International Ct. NW. 202-572-9700 or http://www.kln.gov.my/perwakilan/washington.

EMBASSY OF NEPAL Taste Nepali tea and learn about the culture and history of the country through music and literature. 2730 34th Pl. NW. 202-667-4550 or http://www.nepalembassyusa.org.

EMBASSY OF NIGERIA Watch performances by three cultural groups representing the ethnic groups of Nigeria. 3519 International Ct. NW. 202-986-8400 or http://www.nigeriaembassyusa.org.

EMBASSY OF PAKISTAN Learn about the country through art, music, food and entertainment. There will also be a traditional Pakistani marketplace. 3517 International Ct. NW. 202-243-6500 or http://www.embassyofpakistanusa.org.

EMBASSY OF SAUDI ARABIA Embassy staff and Saudi students will answer questions and guide visitors through displays, exhibitions and performances. 601 New Hampshire Ave. NW. 202-342-3800 or http://www.saudiembassy.net.

EMBASSY OF SERBIA View an exhibit of works by Ana Petrovic Siljkovic, then taste Serbian food and learn traditional folk dancing. 2134 Kalorama Rd. NW. 202-332-0333 or http://www.serbiaembusa.org.

EMBASSY OF SRI LANKA Try Ceylon tea and listen to traditional and modern Sri Lankan music. 2148 Wyoming Ave. NW. 202-483-4025 or http://www.slembassyusa.org.

EMBASSY OF THAILAND 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Sample Thai food and drinks and try a Thai massage. There will also be arts and crafts, historical photos, paintings and performances. 1024 Wisconsin Ave. NW. 202-944-3600 or http://www.thaiembdc.org.

EMBASSY OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Watch performances of the steel pan and sample food and rums. Also view "Calypso Dreams," a feature film on the history of calypso. 1708 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-467-6490 or http://www.ttembassy.com.

EMBASSY OF UKRAINE Immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture through dance, visual arts, film, music and more. 3350 M St. NW. 202-333-0606 or http://www.mfa.gov.ua/usa/en.

EMBASSY OF UZBEKISTAN Sample Uzbek beverages and dried fruit, view a gallery of ethnographic art and watch a short documentary on the country. 1746 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-887-5300 or http://www.uzbekistan.org.

EMBASSY OF VENEZUELA Tour the ambassador's residence and view artwork by the republic's painters. There will also be live music and traditional beverages. Bolivarian Hall, 2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW. http://www.embavenez-us.org.

EMBASSY OF ZAMBIA Learn about the traditions of more than 70 groups of people by viewing a handicraft exhibition and a film on cultural dances. 2419 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-265-9717 or http://www.zambiaembassy.org.

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