'A Teacher's Prayer' by John F. Hillen Jr.

Friday, May 1, 2009

One night as I lay almost sleeping, I heard a voice, softly peeping.

I saw my wife devoutly praying. This is the prayer I heard her saying:

Oh, Lord, let it snow.

Let it drift and let it blow.

In the morning, no real fuss,

Just enough to stop the bus.

Enough to make the County say:

"There will be no school today."

Let the radio report: "Snow's deep!"

And I'll roll over for more sleep.

Then later on, say maybe ten,

I'll turn the radio on again.

Just in time to hear them say:

"It's strange; the snow has gone away!"

And then I'll know, You made it stop,

So I can go to the mall and shop.

Please, Lord, just hear my teacher's plea,
And make it snow for the kids and me!

-- John Hillen

© 2009 The Washington Post Company