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Help File: PDF Output in Windows, Installing Internet Explorer 8

By Rob Pegoraro
Sunday, May 3, 2009

QHow can I save a document as a PDF on my Windows PC?

AIf you want to hand out a copy that will look just as it did on your screen, without font mismatches or layout glitches, your most reliable options are paper or PDF -- and paper doesn't work well if it gets wet.

Adobe's Portable Document Format is a digital equivalent of that paper printout, preserving every detail of a document -- whether or not the recipient has the same fonts, applications or even operating system as you.

Mac OS X includes this helpful option, as do a few Windows programs. For example, Corel's WordPerfect and the free, open-source ( both let you save a file as a PDF, and last week's Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 update ( adds the same to Microsoft's productivity suite. But in most cases, you'll need to add software to Windows to save your work as PDF files.

The easiest such option I found was the free CutePDF (, which adds a "CutePDF Writer" entry in any print-dialog box; select that, pick a folder on your computer, and you'll get a PDF copy of your document a moment later.

Its "Save As" dialog includes a small text ad for Newport News-based developer Acro Software's CutePDF Pro. For an ad-free, but more complex option, try the free, open-source PDFCreator (

Microsoft is now pushing out Internet Explorer 8 as an automatic update. Should I let Windows install it?

Yes. IE 8 has some issues, but it still offers a big step up in security and capability over IE 7 -- much less the gruesomely obsolete IE 6.

Any Internet Explorer install involves non-trivial changes to Windows and, therefore, involves some risk. But so far, I haven't seen or heard of major compatibility issues with this version.

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