Ambitious Goals for Taiwan and China

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The April 24 news story "Taiwan, China to Meet for Talks This Weekend" only partially addressed the talks in Nanjing that yielded agreements on cross-border banking and an increase in direct airline flights between Taiwan and mainland China.

The Nanjing talks were the third round of cross-straits negotiations since President Ma Ying-jeou took office a year ago after years of strained relations between Taiwan and China. The cross-straits ties and even the relationships among Taiwan, China and the United States have been improving and are at their strongest in six decades.

The next round of cross-straits talks will involve an economic cooperation framework agreement. Taiwan has great interest in such a pact with China. Most Taiwanese believe that it would not only help normalize relations with China but would also prevent Taiwan's marginalization as China's economy becomes more integrated with those of other countries in the region.


Potomac Falls

The writer is an advisory commissioner of the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, a Taiwanese government agency.

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