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Date Night

Cottle includes Schock's on-air comments to me about his brief burst of celebrity.

Riled Over Rielle

John Edwards is in for a tough time as his wife launches her book tour. Asked by Oprah if she still loves her husband, Elizabeth offers a Facebook-style reply: "It's complicated." And she says she doesn't know whether John is the father of Rielle Hunter's baby.

But a debate is developing online over the federal probe into whether the Edwards campaign improperly paid Hunter for her, ah, services. At Talk Left, Jeralyn Merritt is hardly sympathetic to the former candidate, but ready to move on:

"The reason this story is news is because of Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter, which he handled abysmally in his Nightline interview (admitting the affair but denying he was the father of the child.) Elizabeth's book, in which she never mentions Hunter by name but calls her names, is not going to endear him to the public.

"That Edwards stayed in the race either believing that he could keep the affair a secret or even worse, thinking somehow the public would forgive his cheating on a cancer-stricken wife he dragged all over the campaign trail, was unjustifiable by any standard.

"But, he's a lawyer. And he's undoubtedly lawyered up. If he had any liability, he wouldn't be cooperating -- without immunity or assurances he's not the target . . .

"John Edwards has become a social pariah. He deserves it, but Elizabeth is not without fault as well. She continued to campaign for him and went along with his lie to the American people . . .

"Yet, I don't believe criminal charges are appropriate . . . or that they are in John Edwards' future. He's paid dearly for his errors in judgment and that should be enough. I see no need to kick him around any more."

Which draws this rebuttal from Ann Althouse:

"Oh no? Why have these campaign finance crimes at all if we aren't going to enforce them? What is it about John Edwards that he deserves special compassion? I'd say he owes us big time for staying in the presidential race, holding our attention, when what we needed to do was compare Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. That was massively selfish -- and Elizabeth Edwards didn't stop him when she had the chance. I will not be suckered into feeling sorry for them."

As The Globe Turns

"The Boston Globe's largest union reached a tentative deal with the New York Times Co. shortly after 3 a.m. this morning, agreeing to a substantial pay cut, unpaid furloughs, and modifications to the lifetime job guarantee provisions that protect almost 200 employees in the Boston Newspaper Guild, according to sources familiar with the deal."

That gun-to-the-head agreement should avert the threatened shutdown. The details weren't disclosed, but in a letter to his members, the Guild leader "said the Times Co. not only proposed a 23 percent wage cut but also 'intimated that a large layoff can be expected regardless of the outcome of negotiations.' "

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