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Notre Dame's Valedictorian Speaks About Sharing the Stage With Obama

Did you support Obama's candidacy?

Yes, I did.

Did you go door to door in Indiana or anything?

I was really busy last semester interviewing for medical schools. I did work on the campus non-partisan campaign to register voters. I didn't personally work for him. I would have, though.

Your class entered Notre Dame in the fall of 2005. Today, it's a pretty different economy. What do you and your classmates think of the world you're walking into?

People who have had the benefit of receiving an education are at an advantage to be able to help rebuild things that are broken in our economy, in our health care and a whole host of other sectors of society. At Notre Dame I think we have a particular bent on the issue because service is so inculcated here.

How are the black market sales for graduation tickets?

Tickets are impossible to come by. Every family is guaranteed three. I know there was a lottery for faculty tickets. I'm sure every seat will be filled. In past years it hasn't been that difficult to get tickets. I went a couple years ago and just got a ticket outside.

Are people selling them on Craigslist?

I haven't checked. I just know I get mine.

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