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Sunday, May 17, 2009

7:30 p.m., Indebleu, Penn Quarter

Rodney: I had just driven back from Cleveland. I was tired, but I didn't want to miss this date. I [arrived] maybe five minutes late [and] I was seated.

Sheila: I got there at about 10 to 8. A lady walked me over. I can't remember if [Rodney] gave me a hug or shook my hand, but he was just really friendly.

Rodney: I was just captivated about how she looked: from the way she was dressed to just her physical appearance. She had beautiful skin. She had her feet pedicured. I [noticed] everything.

Sheila: I like tall guys; he wasn't really tall. [And] he looked older than I normally date. [Plus] he had a big necklace -- it was just way too big. He reminded me of a friend's dad. I didn't have that [instant attraction] with him.

Rodney: We talked about business. I design software, but I just started a company for my son: custom-made blue jeans. She's in PR [for an IT firm], so we had a lot of things in common.

Sheila: [We talked about] what we both like to do, where he's from and that he ran for mayor in his home town. He was very open, talkative. The waiter came back a couple of times. Then we ordered.

Rodney: I felt comfortable with her. We both have little girls, and they're both into cheerleading. We both like going dancing. We both love going to restaurants. It appears that we're both workaholics.

Sheila: It was an easy conversation; we did have those things in common, [but] I didn't feel the sparkles. [There wasn't flirting] on my part.

Rodney: I'm definitely going to flirt; I wouldn't be me if I didn't. I think she was [in] about the same place I was. We cozied up on a couple of the pictures.

Sheila: We were close, but as soon as the picture was taken, I moved back on my side of the table. There was a pole on the table that looked like a little mini stripper pole. He did a couple of jokes about it. I went along with it, but it was a little much. We [had been] there maybe like two hours. He wanted to go downstairs to the club. I was just tired. I gave him my card.

Rodney: I walked her to her car. We gave each other a quick hug. She reminded me of someone [who used to be] on a soap opera my mother watches. Later I went to check her out on the Internet, and it was actually her.

Sheila: [After the date] he sent me a text saying he'd enjoyed meeting me and another one that says, "Have you done any acting?" [I appeared in an episode of "One Life to Live"] years ago. I was surprised; I'm not usually recognized.

Rodney: I'm doing a retirement party for my mother. Like a roast. And [Sheila is in] one of the [soap opera] episodes that we chose. This has blown me away. You might have found my soul mate.

Sheila: Oh, God, that's really weird. [The date was] a 2.5 [out of 5]. If he calls, you know, I'll talk to him. I would rather probably interact with him with other people.

Rodney: [I'd rate the date] a 4. She's still an open book, and I definitely want to read this book.

Interviews by Elizabeth Chang

Update: Rodney sent flowers and asked for a second date, but then made so many venue changes that Sheila called it off. Rodney says it's a shame. "She appeared to be everything I have been looking for."

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