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Free for All Roundup of Short Critiques of The Post

Ellicott City

An Offensive 'F'

I think the word "fubar" should have been deleted from the May 3 Doonesbury comic.

The word that the "f" stands for in this acronym is considered by many to be extremely offensive.

-- Nathan Clemons

Etchison, Md.

Ruined at the End

Regarding May 1 Metro article, "The Future, Not Past, Is What Counts, Poet Advises Oak Hill Center Youths":

Robert E. Pierre's account of Maya Angelou's visit to the Oak Hill Youth Center was a beautiful, inspiring piece, until the last sentence: "Then, laboring to breathe, she called on aides to quickly bring her oxygen tank."

That sentence really spoiled the piece and certainly was unnecessary. Pierre, or an editor, should have realized this and deleted it.

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