- Yes, You, Too, Can Manage A Playboy Playmate (Virtually, At Least)

Tameka Kee
Monday, May 11, 2009; 5:07 PM

E! has got the Girls Next Door, but Irish video-game firm Jolt Online Gaming is making the Playboy Playmate experience even more interactive. It plans to launch Playboy Manager, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) casual game that lets players live out the fantasy of managing a group of Playboy (NYSE: PLA) models. Jolt picked up the rights from Playboy; the startup's CEO and founder Dylan Collins told the Sunday Business Post that it was "the first time that Playboy has come into the online gaming space."

The free game will pull in videos and photos of real-life Playboy models, though players will be able to pay for upgrades; they'll compete to get their models in the "top spot" as a Playmate (and a permanent room at the Playboy Mansion). It's one of three games in Jolt's roster; Collins told the Sunday Business Post that it has two other titles in development, and that it plans to acquire the rights to more: "We will either do deals with big brands such as Playboy and develop the games ourselves, or we will acquire solid, existing games." Jolt is backed by private investors and Enterprise Ireland (a government-run business development agency); the startup plans to raise more capital this year. Release.

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