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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Scott: I Metroed down [and] got there at 7:10. There was a rumor that my co-workers might show up, so I did a loop around the bar to make sure none of them were there. Then I checked in.

Julie: I got there at 7:30. When I went up to the hostess stand, he was right in front of me. I heard him saying his name and what he was there for. He stepped to the side, and I'm like, "I think I'm with him."

Scott: She's about 5-6, brunette. I would definitely say she's cute. But I was so nervous that I didn't really [focus on that]. I was like, Okay, this is really happening.

Julie: I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought he was very handsome. They took us to a really nice little table against the windows. The conversation completely took off. Turns out that he is chief of staff for Arlen Specter. That's pretty cool; he's from my home state. [And Scott's] home town is where I lived before I moved down to D.C.

Scott: We had this instant connection of we knew where each other was from, where we worked, where we went to school. We didn't talk about politics. I work here in politics all day, so if I can avoid that topic in my personal life I do.

Julie: We didn't order food for a long time. We just kept talking and talking. We talked a lot about our families; we both have those rural central Pennsylvania family values. He said that his dad was his best friend, which I thought was very sweet. [And] we laughed a lot. We kept asking people at the tables around us to take our picture. I think [Scott] might have said, "Can you take a picture of my wife and I?"

Scott: At one point she put both of her rings on her wedding finger. It was just funny. There was nothing awkward the entire evening. I definitely thought there was a [romantic] potential. But I wasn't going to read into it or react on it too quickly.

Julie: I think his personality was wonderful, and I loved his sense of humor. Those are the two most important things. And he seemed like a very happy person. I definitely felt chemistry. I think there was some subtle flirting going on. We got close when people took the pictures.

Scott: One of the pictures was me kissing her on the cheek. She was cool with that. She [seemed] comfortable.

Julie: It was maybe 10:30. He asked me if I liked wine, and I said yes. [So we went to] Proof, right around the corner. The conversation was going really well. We certainly weren't running out of things to talk about.

Scott: I wanted to ask [her out again], but I was looking for a natural way to do it. [Then] we were talking to the bartender, and I said, "This is my Date Lab date," and somehow the conversation transforms into "When are we going out next?" I was like, This is perfect. I used the bartender as the introduction into "Do you want to go out again?"

Julie: I said yes, so we're going out next [week]. It had to be like 12:30. I had missed the Metro. He lives in D.C., but he took a cab with me to Bethesda to make sure I got to my car. [Then] he gave me a very nice and appropriate good-night kiss.

Scott: I'd [rate the date] a 4 [out of 5]. [Five is] like you're going to run off and get married. We barely had the opportunity to scratch the surface of getting to know each other. [But] we had a lot of laughs.

Julie: I think I would have to rate [the date] a 5. I definitely was attracted to his energy, and he's such a gentleman.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

Update: One week later Julie was sick. But the two didn't cancel. Instead, Scott whipped up a dinner for two and followed up the next day with flowers. More dates to come? "Yes, we are going out again," Julie says. Scott concurs. Sigh.

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