2009 Post Hunt: Opening Questions

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The answers to these questions, combined with the Opening Clue delivered at noon from the Hunt Stage at Freedom Plaza, will give you the map coordinates of the five Hunt Puzzles


There are four brown dogs and five black dogs in the park. If each brown dog sniffs each other dog's butt three times, and each black dog sniffs each other dog's butt four times, what is the total number of butt-sniffings that will occur?

B. 18

D. 46

H. It was my understanding that there would be no math.


One day Congressman Bob decides to actually read a bill before voting on it. Assuming the bill contains 36,300 words, and he can read 220 words per minute, which of the following statements is most likely true?

J. It will take Congressman Bob one hour to read the bill.

N. It will take Congressman Bob two hours to read the bill.

O. Congressman Bob is imaginary.


For years the New York Yankees have had by far the largest payroll in baseball, yet they have been unable to win a World Series since 2000. Why is this?

E. They suck.


What can the letters in "Adrian M. Fenty" be rearranged to spell?

A. "Darn Yam Feint"

C. "Damn Fiery Ant"

F. "Fanny Am Tired"

K. All of the above, as well as "May End In Fart"


Why is the National Aquarium located in the basement of the Department of Commerce?

I. It was placed there as a prank by the Department of the Interior.

L. It was delivered there by mistake, but when workers tried to remove it, they were attacked by the National Octopus.

S. Beats me.

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