Not Taking Sides in Mexico's Politics

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The May 3 editorial "Beleaguered Mexico" stated that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez backed a candidate in Mexico's presidential election in 2006. In fact, there exists no evidence indicating that Mr. Chávez or any other member of the Venezuelan government provided any form of support to a candidate in that campaign.

Some television ads ran in Mexico that sought to associate Mr. Chávez and the Democratic Revolutionary Party candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the 2006 presidential race, but many media outlets were quick to point out that the two men had never met.

The Post reported on the deceitful commercials, noting in an article on June 28, 2006, that "the Venezuelan leader has not taken a public role in the Mexican campaign," but that, in the words of political analyst Jorge Chabat, "in politics it doesn't matter what is, it matters what seems to be."

Sadly, it seems that, in its editorial, The Post adhered to a similar cynical view.


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