Soccer Dad Obama Watches Sasha and Malia's Games

Sunday, May 17, 2009

President Obama spent yesterday afternoon as a regular dad -- albeit one with Secret Service protection and a gaggle of reporters in tow -- by taking in his daughters' soccer games.

Dressed in jeans and a Chicago White Sox jacket, Obama, along with Chicago friends Eric Whitaker and Marty Nesbitt, appeared first at the Boys and Girls Club in Georgetown to watch his daughter Sasha play.

From the sidelines, he applauded, cheered "Go, go, go, goal!" and threw up his hands, apparently savoring a goal by his 7-year-old daughter.

Obama's appearance turned plenty of heads at the field, which was crowded with children and dogs. Some kids were overheard saying, "We're going to be on TV."

Obama spent about half an hour at the game before leaving for the Palisades Recreation Center, where his older daughter, Malia, 10, was with her soccer team. Reporters were kept away from the game but were told that he watched for about 15 minutes.

Later in the afternoon, the president headed to Fort Belvoir for a round of golf on the Army base.

-- Michael D. Shear

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