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The Wizards' Bad Luck in the NBA Draft Lottery Shouldn't Necessarily Mean a Bad Pick

Magic: "Okay, let me try this again: Who's your point guard?"

Okay, I get it. Arenas, which I've been saying for some time now, shouldn't be the starting point guard. It's one thing for me to say it; it's another thing for Magic Johnson to say it. If Magic says the Wizards should have a pure, set-up-his-teammates point guard to run the offense, I'm listening.

Jonny Flynn, the kid from Syracuse, looks like he might be a real point guard in the traditional sense, a facilitator. Tyreke Evans, the one-and-done kid from Memphis, is in this draft. Ty Lawson is in this draft. The kid I think has the most upside among the guards, Gerald Henderson, is in this draft. Jeff Teague, the blur from Wake Forest, is in this draft. I like all of them better than Brandon Jennings, who is also in this draft. The Wizards should move DeShawn Stevenson whenever possible, and that could be now if no power player is readily available.

Are any of these options as attractive as Griffin? Perhaps not.

Griffin looks to be a future all-star. Asked Tuesday night in an interview what he needs to work on most between now and the beginning of his rookie season, Griffin didn't hesitate. "My shot," he said. "I've been working on my outside shot, increasing my range." That's the only glaring weakness in his game and Griffin is smart enough to know it and industrious enough to do something about it without being prodded and begged.

It's really, really, really too bad the Wizards couldn't get lucky Tuesday night and win the lottery. And it's almost certainly too bad that Griffin, with all he has to offer, is going to wind up with the Clippers, who can never get anything right.

Even so, it's no reason for the Wizards to get that hangdog look on draft night. The Wizards didn't get lucky, but it doesn't mean they can't be resourceful and turn that No. 5 overall pick, bad as it is relatively speaking, into immediate and significant help.

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