Chandra Levy Suspect Indicted on Murder Charge

By Keith L. Alexander
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 20, 2009; 6:24 PM

The man accused of killing Chandra Levy has been indicted by a grand jury on charges that could lead to a life prison sentence with no chance of parole.

Ingmar Guandique, 27, was indicted late Tuesday on various charges, including first degree murder, kidnapping, robbery and sexual abuse. The indictment alleges that Guandique killed Levy on or about May 1, 2001 while attempting to kidnap her.

Guandique was brought to the D.C. Jail last month from a federal prison facility to answer charges in the killing of Levy, 24, a former federal intern. Authorities charged him earlier this year, and the case was presented to a grand jury in D.C. Superior Court.

He has been serving a 10-year sentence for attacking two other women at knifepoint in Rock Creek Park around the same time Levy disappeared. Levy's body was found in the park, a year later.

Guandique is due to appear Wednesday for a hearing in D.C. Superior Court.

His attorneys have contended that their client is not guilty and that the prosecutor's case lacks forensic evidence and built largely on accounts of unreliable witnesses, some of whom were incarcerated with Guandique.

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