- Yahoo Music Gets Boost In Traffic

Rory Maher
Thursday, May 21, 2009; 9:07 PM

What a difference a month makes. In early April, we reported how Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Music had opened up its artist pages to third-party services from companies like Pandora, and iTunes. The idea was to leverage the popularity of those third-party services. Yahoo, which trails AOL (NYSE: TWX) and MySpace in music, was somewhat late to this trend?AOL had already opened up its sites to some of these providers.

In an interview this week, Yahoo Music head Michael Spiegelman offered numbers that suggest that the changes may be bearing some fruit. Of course, the boost in traffic could be partly the result of promotions on other parts of the Yahoo Music site. But if even some of the increase is due to the new features, that's notable. Here's what Spiegelman said about the traffic in April to its artist pages, which, based on data from Yahoo, represents about 37 percent of the site's overall page views.

?Daily unique visitors doubled.?Page views tripled.?Visitors reaching the pages through search engines (a valuable traffic referrer) increased 108 percent.?Page views per user (an important measure of engagement) increased 40 percent.

Yahoo Music as a whole grew a respectable 13 percent traffic wise in April, to 20.5 million uniques. It's still well below market leader AOL Music, which had over 28 million uniques in April.


Yahoo Music To Open Up To Third-Party Services

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