mocoNews - Pandora Mobile Advertising Numbers Encouraging

Dianne See Morrison
Wednesday, May 27, 2009; 9:59 AM

Online radio service Pandora has seen its figures boosted by the number of new subscribers coming from its mobile applications for the iPhone and the Blackberry, and now counts some 6 million mobile users. That's given the service, which is aiming for profitability this year on the back of rising ad revenues, growing credibility for mobile advertisers, who see it as a "test bed" for mobile marketing. According to what makes Pandora so appealing is the amount of time that users spend on the service creating stations, rating songs, and scrolling through playlists. Pandora founder Tim Westergren claims that the service's mobile users spend on average around 90 minutes a day on it.

Mainstream brands, including Kraft, Nike, Dockers and Domino's are all trying out various forms of mobile marketing on the service. Dockers, for example, offered a coupon, while Domino's tried it out as a direct marketing tool, testing out ads that told mobile users to call to order a pizza. Nike and Kraft used ads to lead directly to their mobile web sites.

So far, the response rates have been encouraging. Target claims that 27 percent more people clicked on its Pandora ad promoting the release of Christina Aguilera's greatest hits CD last autumn than on any other mobile web campaign. Home music systems company Sonos said click through rates were typically 5 percent for their Pandora ads, compared to the usual 1-2 percent.


Pandora Aims For Profitability As Mobile App Usage Soars

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