mocoNews - Browser Behavior: Opera, Skyfire, Bolt And AdMob All Weigh In

Tricia Duryee
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 2:00 PM

?Opera Browser Growth: Opera said today its Mini browser recorded more than 23.4 million users worldwide in April, jumping 140 percent compared to the year ago period. In the U.S., page views grew 129 percent over the the last year; unique users grew 11.8 percent and the number of page views per user equaled 198 during April. Of particular interest is that customers of U.S. operators are viewing more data-intensive pages than subscribers in any other country. Opera said the average page viewed is about 32 KB compressed or almost 320 KB uncompressed. Report.

?AdMob says smartphones are leading browsing trends: In AdMob's monthly report that analyzes its own mobile ad network, the company reported today that iPhone and Android devices dominated when it came to viewing true HTML pages, rather than made-for-mobile sites. For example, the iPhone OS had 8 percent of smartphone market share, and generated 43 percent of mobile web requests and 65 percent of HTML requests. The Android OS has less than 1 percent marketshare, but generated 3 percent of mobile web requests and 9 percent of HTML requests. Meanwhile, Symbian and BlackBerry phones largely viewed mobile-specific web sites. Information by Gartner Research and Net was used to come to these conclusions. Full report.

?Skyfire launches new browser features: Mountain View, Calif.-based Skyfire said today that it has launched version 1.0 of its browser, and that while it was in beta, more than one million people downloaded and tried using the browser (although the company did not say how many regular users it has). The new version includes faster startup, improved zooming, navigation, and "easier sharing items to social networks." In addition, Skyfire said it will bring the browser to more smartphones soon and recently launched a Private Closed Alpha program for the BlackBerry.

?Bitstream releases results of Bolt browser: After launching in February, Bitstream said its Bolt browser has become very popular in India with one in six of its active users residing in that country. Altogether, users have visited more than 5 million web pages and consumed more than 1 terabyte of bandwidth since launching. The top five sites users in India are visiting are:;;;; The top handsets are dominated by Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson.

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