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The Shopper: Geodes Are the Latest Nature-Inspired Trend

Thursday, May 28, 2009

In fashion, earthy, nature-inspired trends tend to evoke a familiar palette. The vivid greens of plants, the browns and blacks and whites of animal hides, an occasional splash of ocean blue. But now, enter geodes. Simply sliced agate and sharp-sided crystals project a raw, unaltered pureness, yet shine bright in stunning violets, fuchsias and turquoise.

This summer's dalliance with geodes can be attributed to just one designer's collection -- after Gucci's Frida Giannini accessorized her '70s-exotic, jet-setting spring collection with chunky crystals and flat-cut agate strung on jewelry, fastened on belts and adorned to the straps of lively, flowing maxi dresses, a slew of imitations popped up in stores.

"There's something about geodes that really excites people," says Proper Topper owner Anna Fuhrman. "It's about seeing the gem in its original form. It's kind of magical and it hearkens back to fifth-grade science class."

To rep the Gucci look without the designer price tag, try A.V. Max's ultra-colorful five-stone necklace or vivid purple agate cuff, which incorporate the bright hues and multi-stone arrangements without turning tacky or overdone. For a more subdued approach, try Sheila Fajl's jade ring or Club Monaco's drusi and agate pendants.

And if you just can't get enough of this look, introduce the stones into your home with Roost's weighty lavender bookends or Anthropologie's glittering candle holder.

With these pieces, your summer style will rock. (Oh, yes, we went there.)

-- Michelle Thomas

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