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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Todd: I got to the restaurant and had a beer at the bar. When Kim came in, the hostess pointed me out. She's definitely stockier than what I'm interested in. I knew she wasn't my type physically, but I thought maybe she'd be cool.

Kim: He could have stood a few more reps at the gym, but I thought he was very cute. He [ordered] me a drink. I was a little nervous because I had a nightmare story with another guy named Todd. I told [Date Lab Todd] this story and that I was relieved [he] wasn't the other Todd. Then the hostess brought us to our table. [Todd] pulled out my chair for me. It was very gentlemanly.

Todd: We traded a couple of other dating stories. I told her about this date I went on where the girl accused the DJ of spitting on her and me of hitting on another woman.

Kim: It was odd because he was accusing her of being kind of crazy. He went very, very in[to] detail. Too much for a first date. [My story] was kind of weird, too, but lighter and funnier.

Todd: We [split] a crab and artichoke dip. We talked about where we're from and what we do. We talked to other people at different tables who asked if we were on Date Lab. I told her about some picture ideas I had.

Kim: He thought it was funny to take a picture shoving my head into his crotch. It was very juvenile. I went along with it to keep things light, but in the back of my mind I knew I was going to delete those later.

Todd: You either get my sense of humor or don't. I describe [mine] as funny as [expletive] and hers as not. She would start her stories by saying, "I've got this hilarious story," but then they sucked. They weren't hilarious. Like, "Shouldn't we take a picture in front of that sign? Wouldn't that be crazy?" No, it's not crazy. It's a picture in front of the sign. I just kind of laughed politely.

Kim: All we talked about was our horrible dating stories, taking pictures for Date Lab and his love for car racing. He seemed like he was more interested in the experience of Date Lab than the actual date.

Todd: We were at dinner for about an hour and a half. Then she suggested we go to this bar, RiRa, and hang out. It was too early for me to [make an excuse and] say I had to get up early.

Kim: There was clearly no connection. We had [to meet the] picture quota [for Date Lab, so] we had one drink at RiRa. It was raining, so I offered him a ride back to his car. I got out of the car to give him a hug. He just said, "I don't think there's a lot of chemistry." It was a declaration. I don't think there was, either, but I didn't need to say it. We didn't exchange information.

Todd: She's nice and everything, but not my type. You guys kinda suck at matchmaking. I'd [rate] the date a 2.5 [out of 5].

Kim: I'd give the date a 2. On paper we probably looked compatible, but in reality I think we're from opposite sides of the tracks. It's a shame because he has potential: There were little signs of chivalrous behavior; he was attentive. He's just immature and socially awkward.

Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

Update: No contact. And that's fine with Kim. "I would go on a Date Lab date with someone else, but not with him," she says.


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