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Sunday, June 7, 2009

More than 20 years ago, our daughter, who was in her late 20s, moved to Rodanthe on North Carolina's Outer Banks. She met a young man there, and it was beginning to look serious. (It was serious: They are still married.)

My wife and I, curious about this new boyfriend, decided to drive down for a visit and stay in a hotel. That first night, we treated the young couple to a leisurely dinner at a seafood restaurant. As the four of us were returning to the hotel, a violent storm broke out. My daughter and her boyfriend had several more blocks to walk to their homes, so my wife and I invited them to our room for drinks to wait out the storm. It was well after 9 p.m. when the electricity went off. The tempest still raged, so we kept talking in the dark.

By 10:30, the power was still off. My wife, tired from the day's long drive and realizing that we could not send the couple out into the heavy rain, said she was going to get ready for bed. She moved to the other side of the large hotel room to undress. The rest of us continued our conversation.

Just when my wife had taken everything off and was about to put on her nightgown, the lights came back on.

A nice introduction to your future mother-in-law.

George M. Van Sant, Irvington, Va.

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