A Lack of Respect for ‘Jon & Kate'

Saturday, May 30, 2009

In his May 25 Style article, "Back for More" (a "preview" of TLC's new season of "Jon & Kate Plus 8"), Hank Stuever betrayed a breathtaking disdain for motherhood. He seemed to sneer at those "intense" mothers who "cannot shut up about every banal detail" of domestic life -- presumably, a mother's child is such a detail.

Stuever suggested that the show rarely depicts an "intellectual or unselfish pursuit" by Jon and Kate Gosselin; however, parenting by itself is intellectual and unselfish, as can be attested by anyone who has helped build an ancient Mesopotamian ziggurat with popsicle sticks or answered a plaintive cry of "Mom! Come wipe me!" emanating from the bathroom.

-- Kelly Singleton



Why is it appropriate for a TV critic to launch an exhaustive, personal attack on the Gosselins, along with swipes at other large families, infertile couples, fans of the show and blogging moms?

Why such scorn? Why not be charitable toward a family struggling with the trials of success and fame?

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