Transcript: McDonnell Accepts GOP Nomination for Virginia Governor

Saturday, May 30, 2009; 4:13 PM

Thank you great Republican friends of Virginia!

And thank you Jeanine. I think the future of America is bright with patriotic young people like Jeanine who will carry on the torch of freedom for our nation.

Fellow Virginians, fellow Republicans, fellow delegates, I accept your nomination as the Republican candidate for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia!

As I look across this sea of great Republicans, at the largest convention in 15 years, I'm immensely honored that you have put your trust and faith in me.

You have allowed me to represent our vision and aspirations in one of the most pivotal elections in Virginia history, to stand on the shoulders of Governor's Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry to govern in the cradle of democracy. And I will not let you down.

My wife Maureen and children and sisters and many relatives are here today.

I wish my beloved mom was here to see this. She would probably say, "He's come a long way from the 5 year-old boy who lit his sister's hair on fire." Nancy, stand up, just want to make sure everyone knows things turned out fine.

This time in Virginia demands a leader who can govern in times of crisis. You know I can, because I'm the only candidate with17 year old twin boys who just got their driver's licenses.

And I want to take a moment to say hello to my hometown friends from Fairfax County where Maureen and I grew up, Virginia Beach where we raised our children, and Henrico County where we live now! You know where ever I go; I'm your local candidate!

Friends, today I pledge to you I will uphold the highest ideals of the Party of Lincoln and Reagan. I've served you as an Army officer, prosecutor, legislator, and Attorney General. With your help, I will serve as your next Governor.

I'm ready to lead, if you're ready to win!

As the Gipper told us, I will not paint pale pastels where bold colors are demanded.

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