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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to School Sick

A recent story about Stefanie Zaner, an 18-year-old Montgomery County high school senior who's closing in on a perfect attendance record for her entire academic career, raised some compelling issues. But another student cited in the story reported going to school even though he was so sick he was "puking buckets." I wonder how his classmates -- and their parents -- felt about that.

As we continue to contend with an unpredictable new strain of influenza, public-health officials caution people who feel ill to stay home so as to avoid spreading the flu virus to others. Is that advice to be ignored in cases such as Zaner's?

-- Jennifer LaRue Huget

The readers voted:

When asked, "Would you send your kid to school sick to preserve a perfect attendance record?" 82 percent of the nearly 300 voters chose "No"; 15 percent picked "Maybe"; and the rest said, "It's not my call: I can't keep my kid home if she wants to go."

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