Five Inexpensive Kitchen Tools

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sure, you're cooking more at home now. That's what a furloughed paycheck, a pink slip or a benefits cut will do: make restaurant meals seem indulgent. Gadget manufacturers would naturally have you believe that despite your economic anxiety, this is the perfect opportunity to buy that corn zipper or motorized ice cream maker or silicone-coated whisk. After all, the thinking goes, if you're not eating out, you surely need help cooking in.

There's some truth to that. A well-designed tool makes food prep more than comfortable; it can make it downright efficient. But now's a good time to remember that sometimes the best tool is the cheapest, lowest-tech method you can imagine. As wedding-registry season begins, may this also serve as an endorsement of guilt-free frugality.

On the pages that follow, then, we present our odes to five inexpensive (in one case, free) ways to get the job done.

A Coffee Lover's Perfect Mate

An Inspired Opener

The Best, Hands Down

A One-Knife Workhorse

The Beauty of a Seasoned Wok

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