Where's Wale? 10 Hot Tracks

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where's Wale? 10 Hot Tracks

Watch out, R. Kelly and Lil Wayne -- Wale is coming for your titles. Kelly calls himself the "Remix Killer," and Weezy has joked that he's done so many guest spots that he's going to change his name to "Featuring Lil Wayne," but D.C.'s own Wale is on his way to becoming just as prolific. If it seems there's a new track every week showcasing the P.G. County-bred rapper, that's because there is. In anticipation of his major-label debut this summer, here is a countdown of the best moments in what could be the longest, most illustrious lead-up to an album release in hip-hop history.

10.Wale: "Breakdown (Redskins Playoff remix)"

Crafting this 2008 remix was one of Wale's most shrewd moves: By mixing rhymes about the hometown football team with a go-go sample from the Huck-a-Bucks' "Sexy Girl," he created a track that few Washingtonians could deny.

9.Nickel Eye featuring Wale: "Brandy of the Damned"

Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture sounds comatosely relaxed on this 2009 horn-laden Mark Ronson remix, giving the normally effusive Wale a chance to use his inside voice for lyrics such as "I'm just hoping that I get in what I put in/Rewrite history, omit the word 'couldn't.' "

8. Solange feat. Wale: "[Bleep] the Industry (remix)"

On this 2008 Green Lantern production, Solange Knowles sulks about being unfavorably compared with her big sister, Beyoncé, while Wale brings a much-needed dose of high self-esteem to the pity party, bragging that his "rep is impeccable like women with mono."

7.Anything feat. Wale and UCB

Whether Wale is serving as the go-go band's hypeman during live performances of the enduring hit "Sexy Lady," or UCB is working as Wale's backing band, the collaboration is a genius mix of live instrumentation and hip-hop. Plus, they crank.

6.TIE: Lupe Fiasco feat. Wale and Kardinal Offishall: "Dope Boys (remix)" and Duffy feat. Wale: "Warwick Avenue (remix)"

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