Music Single File: R Kelly, Santigold, Ruby Weapon, DJ Quik & Kurupt, Spinal Tap

R. Kelly has released his debut mix tape.
R. Kelly has released his debut mix tape. (By Stuart Ramson -- Associated Press)
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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R. Kelly: "Tip the Waiter"

Kelly's debut mix tape features the usual helpings of Auto-Tune, unnecessary detail and unintended hilarity. On this, its best track, Kelly describes waiting hopefully for his favorite exotic dancer to get off work. So they can, you know, go get a cup of coffee or something.

Santigold featuring Gucci Mane: "Unfreakable Girl"

The "Southerngold" mix tape, which combines Santigold's beats with Southern rap samples, was recently embargoed by her label, which quaintly assumes it still has control over these things. This expert mashup of Santi's "Unstoppable" and Gucci Mane's "Freaky Girl" has been making the Internet rounds anyway.

Ruby Weapon: "Two Weeks" (Grizzly Bear cover)

Little is known about International Man of Mystery Ruby Weapon, except that he appears to have named himself after an entity in "Final Fantasy VII," and he likes to wear gym shorts a lot. And also, his spooky, bare-bones cover of this already-kinda-great Grizzly Bear song is pretty sweet.

DJ Quik and Kurupt: "Jupiter's Critic and the Mind of Mars"

This track from the just-out "BlaQKout" disc has pretty much everything you'd want in a superstar collab: Android vocals, '80s beats, warp-drive rapping and Prince nostalgia.

Spinal Tap: "(Listen to the) Flower People"

The Tap's 25th anniversary disc "Back From the Dead" features newly recorded versions of "classic" songs, including this reggaefied redo of "Flower People," which is every bit as horrific/awe-inspiring as you would think. More so, possibly.

-- Allison Stewart

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