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Fashion & Beauty: Little Things Count at Dupont Boutique Lou Lou

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lou Lou, Dupont Circle's new accessory boutique, is not a large store -- but it's jampacked with wares.

Racks of soft, sheer cotton scarves hang beside a rotating display of Ray-Bans. Shelves of leather Hobo International and Latico satchels and totes are next to trendy faux-leather carryalls. Then there's the jewelry: colorful enamel bangles, dangly earrings, faux-pearl studs, pendant necklaces. And other accompaniments: green leopard-print umbrellas, fuchsia fedoras, feathered headbands, studded belts. And that's just scraping the surface of the stock.

The Connecticut Avenue shop, which joined Bethesda and Middleburg sister stores -- themselves offshoots to owners Ben and Tara Wegdam's two clothing stores and three housewares stores -- restocks its selection twice weekly to keep its mix fresh.

"They are all relatively small stores and we're trying to fill it up," says Ben Wegdam, 40. "We don't want it to be a museum where people are scared to pick things up."

So Wegdam aims to offer a little something for (most) everyone by stocking both low- and high-priced items in every sales category. That means an $8 plastic ring and $15 earrings share space with sticker shockers such as Kenneth Jay Lane's $675 turquoise feather showpiece necklace.

-- Michelle Thomas

Lou Lou stores can be found at 1601 Connecticut Ave. NW, 202-588-0027; 7125 Bethesda Lane, 301-652-0048; and 18 E. Washington St., Middleburg, 540-687-4204.

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