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Forget Conan's Numbers. We're Too Busy Keeping Score in the Palin-Letterman Match.

(By Evan Agostini -- Associated Press)
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Even if you take out Conan's huge Monday premiere, which was watched by a whopping 9.2 million viewers, Conan still enjoyed "Tonight Show's" biggest win over Letterman in a decade.

"This is beyond our wildest expectations," NBC Entertainment's executive vice president of late night and prime-time series, Rick Ludwin, gushed in a statement.

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As MTV started to make itself at home in our fair city by officially announcing its intention to begin production on "The Real World: D.C.," it forgot about one crucial step: meeting the neighbors.

MTV suits were a no-show at a Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting Wednesday night. Instead, area residents lobbed questions at various city officials, though the Q&A was made more difficult by small details, like the fact that no one could officially confirm where the show will be taping or when -- even though The Post's Reliable Source has reported the binge-drinking, friends-with-benefits HQ will be 2000 S St. NW. One rumor has the start date at June 20.

Instead, mayor's office representative Andrew Huff, D.C. film office director Kathy Hollinger and D.C. police Acting Lt. John McDonald fielded "Real World" questions, like "Where are we going to park?" and "What about the noise?" Turns out, four to six precious metered parking spaces will go to "Real World" crew, government reps told attendees -- some of whom spoke yesterday to The Post's Emily Yahr. And police officers are about to receive noise dosimeter training to prepare for possible violations, though McDonald told Yahr it's not specifically because of the "Real World" house moving in. Uh-huh.

A sort of Hatfields vs. McCoys thing is already brewing over Dupont Circle's new made-for-TV neighbors, including the creation of rival blogs: Anti-Real World D.C. and Pro Real World DC.

Said ANC Commissioner Jack Jacobson of "The Real World: D.C.": "It comes with a certain amount of heartache and heartburn, but it's a little bit of Hollywood right in our back yard."

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