Your Turn: Reader Reaction to Post Magazine's stories on the Chesapeake Bay and Brandon Hardesty, Sietsema's column on dining deals and a Date Lab disaster

Aerial photographs reveal a breathtaking view of the Chesapeake Bay watershed -- and its fragile future.
Sunday, June 21, 2009

Excerpts from e-mails, chat postings and online comments:

Online comments about the June 7 story "Beauty on the Brink" about the Chesapeake Bay

FdoJPA wrote:

An informative, beautiful and sensitive piece, introducing jaw-dropping photos and suggesting that there's yet some hope that the centuries-old degradation of the bay and its watershed might yet be slowed.

Tess6 wrote:

What sentimental crap! Let's face it, the politicians and the voters of the mid-Atlantic threw the Chesapeake Bay under the bus 25 years [ago].

Online comments about the June 7 Date Lab "Maybe She Just Has Bad Luck With Todds"

praxis22 wrote:

I read this whole thing thinking, "My God, what a loser this guy sounds like! Is he 12? How awful! Poor woman!"

And then she had to pull out this thing about "from opposite sides of the tracks"? Wait, what? Because someone tacky and immature obviously doesn't have money like you do? So, in a way, The Post did a great job in picking a match. Todd and Kim both sound pretty insufferable. Just not compatibly so.

PrairieRobin wrote:

Todd sounds like a first-class juvenile jerk. I can't imagine any (normal) gal liking to have her face shoved in some joker's crotch as a "joke" for a picture. Where does Date Lab gets these people, and why so many mismatched couples?

Online comments about Tom Sietsema's June 7 column "More for Less"

nitsuj22 wrote:

I love Tom's chats, but he has lost his mind. He titles this article "More for Less," but at least half his "deals" would still set back a couple a good 100 bucks. A three-course pre-theater menu for $120 for two people before drinks? I agree that these prices are cheaper than they would normally be, but what belt-tightening couple would be excited to read about these deals?

Chat regarding the May 31 article "What, Me Famous?" featuring YouTube sensation Brandon Hardesty

Davis, Ca., wrote:

. . . [Brandon's YouTube] postings are as idiotic as they can get, and one can only wonder what The Washington Post is thinking in promoting such blatantly mindless blather. No wonder newspapers are going bankrupt.

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