Video About Arlington Hits Close to Home

By Fredrick Kunkle
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, June 13, 2009; B01

The Arlington way just got a little funkier.

Or maybe not.

A new YouTube video makes gentle sport of Virginia's most liberal community as a wonky, nice-but-maybe-too-nice haven for Prius-driving, latte-sipping, crunchy-granola-eating suburbanites.

"I think everyone's seen it by now. What do you want me to say?" said Chris Zimmerman, a member of the Arlington County Board. "It's a hoot. You can quote me on that."

As scenes of Ann Taylor and Williams Sonoma stores flash by, the video goofs on Arlington as a "ghetto" of brick sidewalks, book clubs, dog parks, overzealous meter maids and guys running around in brown flip-flops. There is, the video suggests, a Starbucks on every corner.

Yo, it's a real tough town

Packing heat and boat shoes

My crib's in a rough spot

Right next to the Whole Foods

The video, posted Thursday by a McLean native who identifies himself as Remy, has burned up e-mail lists in the county and had tallied more than 65,000 views and more than 1,300 comments as of last night. The video is a parody of a parody -- an homage to the "Lazy Sunday" spoof rap video by Andy Samberg of "Saturday Night Live" that replaced guns and bling with cupcakes and "Chronicles of Narnia" matinees.

Dressed like a Capitol Hill aide, Remy wears a tie instead of gold chains and postures with a Swiffer sweeper instead of a gun as he jokes about a community known for good government, smart growth, amicable political discourse -- and ubiquitous parking meters warning that "All May Park, All Must Pay."

But it also gets Arlington as a place that has remade itself from a backlot of used-car dealerships and subdivisions into an urban center with high-rises, ethnic restaurants and clubs grouped around the Metro.

"But, no, we never do drugs

Naw, that's just not me

The only thing high up here

Is my condo fees


Cruising down Wilson

Racking 10s on my Prius

Get out my car, check my shoe and sock a minute

Stand right back up I got seven parking tickets

Cecile Remington, 31, who has lived in Arlington for 25 years, said video is a spot-on parody of Arlington's yuppie culture.

"I laughed out loud, because it's so true," said Remington, who handles marketing for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

But she also wonders whether the humor, filled with inside jokes about the desolate canyons of nighttime Rosslyn and Metro's Orange Line, will have legs outside the area.

Of course, not everyone gets the joke.

"Fair viewers!" wrote someone named ArlingtonNative. "Do not be led astray by the attitude laid before you in this putrid and arrogant video! These moron-carpetbaggers are not Arlingtonians, they are interlopers from afar who have come to infect our town . . . The real Arlington is a rich and wonderful place with a lifetimes worth of exploration and hidden delight."

Remy could not be reached for comment, but a biography on his Web site says he attended Langley High School before going to college at Wheeling Jesuit University. Other videos on his site include "Two Percent Milk," "McDonald's: The Rap" and "Macaca Blues," which tees up the flap over the Senate reelection campaign of George Allen.

And we kinda got a mall

Yeah you know you can't stop us

Got everything but nothing good

Man, it's kind of like tapas

Just try to mess with us

I'll shoot you right in the foot

Just don't come on Tuesday nights

Cause that's when I meet with my book club

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