Extend a Hand to the People of Iran

Saturday, June 20, 2009

On Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, the people of Iran are broadcasting an international cry for help, with no guarantee of their safety or that of their candidate ["Twitter Is a Player in Iran's Drama," news story, June 17]. Their votes have been stolen by an oppressive regime -- a regime that believes in financing and exporting extremism and terror; a regime that believes the Holocaust never happened and that Israel should be destroyed; a regime that is close to going nuclear.

The people of Iran want what everyone wants, and what Americans have: freedom. They want to look to the future with hope, to have a stable democratic country free of fear and rewarding of hard work. They want a country that recognizes the right of the people to assemble peacefully and protest.

The stakes are too high to ignore, and we must answer the people's call. There is much to be gained by having a truly democratic Iran: no insurgency pipelines into Iraq and Afghanistan; no threat of missiles being launched against neighbors; free trade and the job opportunities it provides; and diverse options for oil, natural gas and other resources. Perhaps most important, we will have stayed true to our own history and culture by extending our hand and helping a democracy blossom.



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