Emily Yahr Says 'Gossip Girl' Rules and 'NYC Prep' Flunks

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


After watching the first episode of Bravo's new "Gossip Girl"-as-reality-series show "NYC Prep" (it debuted last night), WaPoTeamTV's "Gossip Girl" correspondent Emily Yahr decided she much prefers watching the filthy rich Made-for-TV Teens of the CW soap to the filthy rich Actual Teens featured on "Prep."

She reported why:

Made-for-TV rich-teen hookups fun; actual rich-teen hookups creepy.

Gossip Girl: When those crazy kids aren't scheming or texting, they're having sex. Lots and lots of sex. At home, at school, wherev. You don't even have to watch the show; just watch out for the show's steamy billboards.

NYC Prep: Actual teens don't seem to have sex as often as they talk about sex. Sebastian, for example, wants us to know his passion is "hooking up with girls," and that "sex is a big deal in the prep school scene. Like, everyone's having sex with everyone. . . . I hook up a lot. I hook up with maybe two, three girls in a night, maybe more." Right. We'll pretend to believe you if you'll just stop now.

Made-for-TV rich-teen parents much more interesting.

Gossip Girl: The moms and dads sometimes have scandalous affairs with high school students -- sometimes with their own stepchildren.

NYC Prep: Actual parents do not spend time being discovered having teen sex with their kids' friends. Actual parents spend their time asking their teen kids about . . . homework. And meetings with college counselors.

Made-for-TV rich teens worldly/jaded; actual rich teens grounded.

Gossip Girl: Rich teens fly around the world with their pals.

NYC Prep: Rich teens get grounded for bad behavior.

Made-for-TV rich teens take richness in stride; actual rich teens think they're soooo special.

Gossip Girl: Fabulous mansions, clothes and toys are just background for ridiculous, riveting drama.

NYC Prep: Members apparently missed the memo: If you feel the need to talk about how exclusive you are, you're probably not that exclusive. "There's definitely a lot of exclusive things about being in a prep school in New York," Upper East Sider P.C. says smugly, adding: "It's kind of the elite of the elite. It's a great environment to be around. . . . It's kind of disgusting how much money people have."

Actual rich teens don't appreciate "Gossip Girl."

"I hate that show," announces Jessie, "NYC Prep's" Mean Girl. "They film on my block. At 8 a.m., I want to get a cab -- I don't want your trailer near my house."

"Well, you guys are like the real 'Gossip [Girl],' " gushes some chick near her.

As if.

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